Shiraz: Taha Traditional hotel in Shiraz, Iran located in historic part of Shiraz and close to vakil bazar, seatadel castel, holy shrine, pink mosque.

Isfahan: Taha boutique hotel in Isfahan located in city center close to Jaameh mosque of isfahan as oldest mosque in Iran and 10 minute walkin t Naghsh Jahan Sq.

Tehran: Taha hostel in Tehran is a very cheap price option in Tehran and very clean and close to metro and grand bazar of tehran in a historic part of Tehran.

Buffet Breakfast

We serve breakfast with more than 20 option for eat and drink

4.5 g/ LTE WIFI

Our hotels use fastest internet in Iran and unlimited

24/7 reception and service

Check in any time is possible and staff 24 hours help and give service

Friendly staff and helpful

all staff help you to any regards and help guest for a better service

online reservation system

with this option, guest can check details of room and reserve it

original historic houses

Taha houses renewed to traditional hostels and change in buildings is minimum

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Taha traditional hotel gallery Shiraz - Tehran - Yazd- Isfahan

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Isfahan Tour

TRAVEL TO ISFAHAN Isfahan steelworks started production in 1971 and is plan

Shiraz Tours

Tours in Shiraz-Iran  Shiraz has been celebrated as the centre of Persian culture for over 2000 years. Hailed as the "City of Love", the

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Yazd Tour

Yazd Overview The ancient city of Yazd has many unique attractions such as gardens, lofty wind catchers, beautifully decorated mosque

Tehran tours

Tehran Private Tours Fifteen million people call Tehran home. While some may tell you that this loud, crowded city is lacking in charm, its

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Iran is a fascinating Country. Dogged by modern-day problems and steeped in ancient history, this middle-eastern country rewards adventurous travelers with a warm welcome, a complex, vibrant culture and beautiful landscapes to explore.

Take a private Iran tour and see the country through the eyes of a friendly and knowledgeable guide and best hotels and traditional hotels and best prices.


Taha Travel agency in Iran

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